A twice yearly (November and June) snail mail themed zine.

Submission deadline:

15 October for November issue
15 May for June issue

Do you love sending and receiving snail mail correspondence? Do you swoon over fountain pens and get giddy at the sight of vintage postage stamps? This snail mail themed zine is designed to foster your love of snail mail by inspiring your mail art endeavors and connecting you to other mail fanatics.

Submit: Mail art how-to’s. Envelope tutorials. Reviews of correspondence clubs. Letter writing quotes. Penpal stories. Fiction stories relating to snail mail. A thank you letter to your mailman.

Classifieds: Looking for a penpal? Write a short intro and include a way to get in touch.

Individuals who submit material (excluding classifieds) will get a complimentary copy of the zine.

1/2 sized zine.

Submit materials to wingedsnail99@hotmail.ca (email for mailing address)

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